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SendPort is not showing in BizTalk360

This post was originally published here BizTalk360 v8.4 is now released for public with lots of exciting new features and enhancements. Many of our customers have upgraded to the latest version and started enjoying the new features.  We at BizTalk360 support get...

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Microsoft Integration Weekly Update: May 22

This post was originally published here Do you feel difficult to keep up to date on all the frequent updates and announcements in the Microsoft Integration platform? Integration weekly update can be your solution. It’s a weekly update on the topics related to...

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Reliably receive SQL data in Logic Apps

This post was originally published here Scenario Let’s discuss the scenario briefly.  We need to consume data from the following table.  All orders with the status New must be processed!The table can be created with the following SQL statement: First...

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Using IoT Hub for Cloud to Device Messaging

This post was originally published here In the previous blog posts of this IoT Hub series, we have seen how we can use IoT Hub to administrate our devices, and how to do device to cloud messaging. In this post we will see how we can do cloud to device messaging,...

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Microsoft Integrate 2017 Event

This post was originally published here Microsoft Integrate 2017 Event Video Filed under: Global — Leave a comment 16. May 2017 Don’t miss the greatest integration event in the world. Name : Integrate 2017 When : 26-28 June 2017 Where : Kings Place,...

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