Azure: Windows Azure Community Conference-Chit Chat.

Halloween’s just over and my place was overrun with Kids of all sizes seeking high-fructose
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It seems Scott Gutherie has all sorts of pieces he wants to chat about on this next free

The world of the Cloud moves just so quickly that these sorts of events are essential
to get you up to date in your thinking.

Remember what the cloud story was 12 months ago & how many new features/capabilities
have been added since.

Check out the blurb and register.

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Installing HDInsight (Hadoop) on a single Windows box | Installation d’HDInsight (Hadoop) sur une machine Windows

Announced at the //build conference, HDInsight is available as a Web Platform Installer installation. This allows to have Hadoop on a Windows box (like a laptop) without requiring cygwin. Comme annonc%u00e9 %u00e0 la conf%u00e9rence //build, HDInsight est disponible %u00e0 l’installation depuis Web Platform Installer. Cela permet d’avoir Hadoop sur une machine Windows (un portable par exemple) sans n%u00e9cessiter cygwin.
Let’s see how to install this from a blank Windows Server 2012 server (example). Voyons ce que donne cette installation depuis une toute nouvelle machine sous Windows Server 2012 par exemple.


Go to aller %u00e0

This installed the Web Platform Installer Cela a install%u00e9 le Web Platform Installer
Type HDInsight in the search box and press ENTER taper HDInsight dans la bo%u00eete de recherche et taper sur ENTREE






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Windows Azure Conference

As a community event, hosted on channel 9, there is to be the Windows AzureConf.
This is a free event for the Windows Azure community. This event will feature a keynote presentation by Scott Guthrie, along with numerous sessions executed by Windows Azure community members. Streamed live for an online audience on Channel 9,
the event will allow you to see how developers just like you are using
Windows Azure to develop applications on the best cloud platform in the
industry. Community members from all over the world will join Scott in
the Channel 9 studios to present their own inventions and experiences.


November 14, 2012
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST
Channel 9

For more information visit here:

BizTalk Server 2010 ESB Training Kit

Couple of years ago I received a DVD pack from Microsoft which contained two-days instructor led  course that consists of series of hands-on-labs to develop applications using Microsoft BizTalk Server ESB Toolkit. That was very valuable resource, which came with complete labs, presentations, videos, and even couple of Hyper-V virtual machines with everything pre-installed to […]

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SSRS Summing Problem Solved

While working on an SSRS Report for a client, I ran into a problem surrounding the summing of a particular field in my dataset, called “TotalAmount”. It seemed that the SSRS Sum function was returning double the amount that I was expecting. This was a result of my view returning multiple rows for items that […]
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BizTalk360 articles-Table of Content

Since the launch of BizTalk360 BETA back in early 2011, we have written lot of blog posts showing various capabilities of BizTalk360.  The problem is, the articles are spread all over the place and there is no single categorised index page to help user identify the content. The search box in the site is OK, […]

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Installing Windows 8 on MacBook Pro experience

I started using MacBook as my main laptop since 2007, the moment Apple announced their switch to Intel based processors and started supporting running windows on Mac. It’s the perfect hardware you can have to run Windows. When you are relying on your laptop for everything these days, upgrading the core OS always takes some […]

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