SOA Manifesto signatories page is up – and growing fast

The SOA Manifesto signatories page went live a few days ago. Approximately 300 people have already signed up to show their support for the Manifesto, including some very well known names, and some of the worlds leading corporations and organizations. You can see a list of the signatories here.

In addition, Thomas Erl has very eloquently described the background and the process that lead to the Manifesto, you can read that here.

Lastly, if you read the SOA Manifesto, and agree with the value statements and principles it sets forth, you can show your support and become a signatory here.



A bigger expression shape window is a feature that almost always appears on “next version of BizTalk wish lists”.
Every time Microsoft releases a new version of BizTalk we are all very disappointed that they did not make the expression window resizable or at least bigger.
There are rumors that this is done to discourage developers to […]

Bizmonade Followup

Ive been having a few discussions with Christos Karras and Jason Hyland about Bizmonade over the last few days as a followup to some thoughts and questions i posted about Bizmonade.

Christos has posted a response to some of my questions on the below link, and i must say i think his plan for Bizmonade looks really good and it should become an important tool in the biztalk development cycle.

Check out his response here :

Windows Virtual PC and ClearType

After repaving my desktop machine (which is my main work machine) with Windows 7, I tried the Windows Virtual PC for Windows 7 RC to run the few Virtual PC-based Virtual Machines I still use occasionally. It worked, though I didn’t bother installing the updated integration components (formerly known as Virtual Machine Guest Additions) for […]