Azure: Presentation – Managing Windows Azure Applications

Folks, this is Scotty’s 2nd presentation
this week where he shares is love, scripts and years of experience in Managing Azure
Applications (Breeze started back in early 2008).

Tune into this free event and to hear & see what Scotty has on offer.


LIVE Meeting: Managing Windows Azure

Event ID: 1032500972

Language(s):  English.
Product(s):  Microsoft
BizTalk Server and Windows Azure.

you just made your first Windows Azure deployment. Now what? Is it healthy? How many
instances do you need? What will my bill be? When do I need to scale up? Was that
a DoS attack? Will auto-patching break me? Getting an application into Windows Azure
is the first step, now you have to run the application for the next three years. Come
to this session and see how to manage and operate your Windows Azure applications.


Blog Post by: Mick Badran

Azure: 2 live Meeting Presentations this week! Ten Must-Have tools for Windows Azure

Hi folks,

Scotty (aka Sco the Stig) Scovell is
presenting this week on

Must-Have Tools for Windows Azure
as part of Microsoft Readiness.

We’d love to see you there – free event

LIVE Meeting: Ten Must-Have Tools
for Windows Azure

Event ID: 1032500970

Language(s):  English.
Product(s):  Microsoft
BizTalk Server and Windows Azure.

platform, by its own nature, creates an ecosystem for third-party tools and helpers.
Windows Azure is no different. In this session we look at a variety of the third-party
tools available in the Windows Azure ecosystem. Included are tools for both developers
and IT professionals. We look at tools that will help manage storage and resources,
migration, scaling, diagnostics and software components that will help you build cloud


Blog Post by: Mick Badran

BizTalk Administration Special – User group meeting 10th May 2012

Finally we managed to secure our next user group meeting on 10th May 2012. We settled for the theme BizTalk Administration Special. In recent month, there are whole lot of traction around BizTalk administration and operations. Guys at BizTalk Administration Blogging ( are doing a great job in promoting the importance of a BizTalk administrators role in an organisation.

Event Information:

When: 10th May 2012, Thursday, between 6:30 to 9:30pm

Where:  Customer Meeting Room 05
Microsoft, Cardinal Place

Registration Link:

Let me introduce Tord Glad Nordahl. Tord is from Norway, working for Bouvet ASA. He is establishing himself as an expert in BizTalk administration area. He is conducting the famous BizTalk Deep Dive course across the world. He got a dedicated blog for BizTalk Administration at I met him few months ago in Netherlands during a user group presentation. We bounced back and forth few emails and he kindly accepted to come and present in London.

We are going to have 2 sessions focused on BizTalk administrations. First Tord is going to focus on insisting developers should keep BizTalk Administration in mind while building solutions. Next I’m going to present BizTalk360 ( ) and show how it can improve the efficiency of administration, operations and monitoring side of BizTalk environment. Both the sessions will complement each other.

London user group is special for us, this is where we announced for the first time in public about BizTalk360 exactly a year ago ( It’s one year on, with 3 major releases (v1.0, v2.5, v3.2) and the fourth one coming end of May.

Please register for the event if you are in/around London. We guarantee it will be worth while of your time.

International BizTalk Events 2012: May is Integration month!

In February 2012 Ordina (by means of Steef-Jan Wiggers) organised the Ordina BizTalk Innovation Event. We had the honour to receive 2 international guests, namely BizTalk MVP Saravana Kumar and Tord Glad Nordahl. Since that event multiple international BizTalk/Integration events are being organised. I’ll mention a couple that I know off:

10 May: UK Connected Systems User Group
Location: London, United Kingdom
Speakers: Saravana Kumar, Tord Glad Nordahl
More information can be found here

22-24 May: Integration Masterclass
Location: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Australia
Speaker: Richard Seroter
More information can be found here

24 May: Overnet BizTalk Innovation
Event Location: Milan, Italy
Speakers: Steef-Jan Wiggers, Sandro Pereira, Saravana Kumar, Tord Glad Nordahl
More information can be found here

26-27 September: Bouvet BizTalk Innovation Event
Location: Stavanger, Norway
Speakers are not yet confirmed, but probably: Steef-Jan Wiggers, Saravana Kumar, Tord Glad Nordahl, Lex Hegt
More information: not yet available

So if you are into BizTalk (or integration) and in the neighbourhood of one of those events, join the party!
My pick? Milan and Stavanger! Hope to see you there!

Clemens Vastars @ Sweden Windows Azure Group Stockholm

Clemens Vasters was kind enough to round off his visit to Norway and Sweden by presenting a session on Hybrid Applications for the Sweden Windows Azure User Group (SWAG) in Stockholm. After presenting two sessions at TechDays he ditched Power Point and gave a two hour improvised presentation that spread across three whiteboards.

He covered a number of scenarios where the Windows Azure Service Bus could be used to enhance the reach of existing on-premise systems, and also how internet enabled devices can be hooked up to the service bus to provide control and reporting functionality.

Big thanks to Clemens for finding time is his busy schedule to present for us.

If you would like to sign up to the Sweden Windows Azure Group in Stockholm, you can do that here:

If you are in the south of Sweden, or Copenhagen Magnus M%u00e5rtensson, aka noopman, is kicking of a branch of SWAG in Malm%u00f6. The premier event will be at foocafe on Thursday 24th May. The signup for that event is here:

Know A Good BizTalk Blog? Win A Copy of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Patterns

For those of you who do not know, one of the features of is the aggregate blog feed.  This feed goes back over 8 years and has over 8,000 posts. 

Since I started the BizTalk feed, I have expanded the aggregate feeds to include App Fabric and Windows Workflow.

About once a year, I review Google to see if I am missing any BizTalk Blogs that should be included in the aggregate feed.  It is that time of year again but this time I would like some help.

In doing so, I’ll be giving away a copy of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Patters book by Dan Rosanova published by Packt Publishing.  This book is available from Packt and Amazon.

As a 2nd place prize, I will be giving away a copy of Pro Business Activity monitoring in BizTalk 2009 signed by BOTH authors! 

To enter, just post a link to a BizTalk related blog not currently included in my aggregate feed.  If you do not want to post a comment, just send me an email with the link.  Just make sure I can contact you if you win .  Take a look at the current blogs below included in the feed to see who is not included.

I will be picking two winners at random after Sunday May 6th.

Good Luck!

List of BizTalk blogs currently featured on

How BizTalk Maps Work – Deconstructing a map (Part 2)

How BizTalk Maps Work – Deconstructing a map (Part 2)

In this article we will use the basic mapping operations previously described, and analyze the decisions taken by the BizTalk mapping engine. Basically on this mapping problem there are two similar schemes, which we intend to map the source elements in their proper destination and for which we implemented the following challenges: Concatenate the first […]
Blog Post by: Sandro Pereira

Weekly Cloud Newsround 2012-17

Filtering the informative, insightful and quirky from the fire hose of cloud-based hype.

Google’s “Google Drive” has been leading the news this week, and has sparked off some debate about the data storage “In the Cloud”. LA Times has a nice comparison of the different storage options available, and also asks “Who owns your stuff in the Google Drive cloud?

Two more stores on the data storage side, Microsoft will bundle CommVault Simpana with Windows Azure “The new bundle, unveiled Monday, provides access to up to 62 TBs of cloud storage capacity along with CommVault’s Simpana 9 Express data protection capabilities for prices starting at about $50,000”. Also Aidmatrix Expands to the Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud to Enhance Its Disaster Response Platform.

Big data seems to be big business there is a nice overview of big data here. As for big data transfer, academics get a break with Microsoft waiving Azure bandwidth fees for research universities.

On the security side if you are working with Azure the new book from Packt “Microsoft Windows Identity Foundation Cookbook” should go on your shopping list.

I can’t decide if this is fun or serious, but the “Home Security System Using Kinect, Azure, Windows Phone and Windows 8” makes good use of emerging technologies. I wonder if they have a “Caught red-handed!” achievement