HIPAA 4010 to HIPAA 5010 Converter

We have developed a HIPAA 4010 to HIPAA 5010 converter for use in Visual Studio 2008.

After installing the converter, the steps to use the converter are as follows:

  1. Place the appropriate 5010 HIPAA schema in the same project as your current 4010 HIPAA schema
  2. Compile the schema project
  3. Open up map project that references the HIPAA schema project
  4. Right click on the map that needs to be converted
  5. Choose ’Convert to 5010’

It is complete.

Things the converter will do:

  • Create a backup of the current map as {map name}_4010.btm and add it to the project
  • Change the type name of the 4010 map to {type_name}.4010

Here are the screen shots of the tool:

After pressing the Convert to 5010 context menu item the project has the following archived map.

Here is a page from the initial map:

Here is the converted map:

Also for an additional fee, there will be 4010 to 5010 maps and conversely, 5010 to 4010 maps.

Through the contact page, you can pre order this 5010 converter.

I will not be delivering this however, until Microsoft officially releases the HIPAA 5010 schemas.

WF 3.5 Hands On Labs Updated

The ten Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) hands-on labs were updated today on Microsoft download center for your coding enjoyment!

These ten labs were initially posted when WF was new to the world and .NET 3.0 was hot off the presses. This past winter, the product management team worked with David Starr to get the labs converted to .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008, make the manuals consistent, and bring the VB.NET code up par to follow the same best practices as the C# code.

Once installed, you will have the following labs installed on your machine:

  • WF01: Getting Started with WF
  • WF02: Creating Custom Activities with WF
  • WF03: Hosting Workflows in WF
  • WF04: Creating State Machine Workflows in WF
  • WF05: Communicating with the Host Application for WF
  • WF06: WF and Web Services
  • WF07: Creating Rules Driven Workflow in WF
  • WF08: Transactional Behavior in WF
  • WF09: Modifying Workflow Models at Runtime with Workflow Change in WF
  • WF10: Embedding the Workflow Designer for WF

About half the labs saw some significant updating and clean-up – and they should yield a greatly improved experience for the learner; we applied feedback from HOL participants who took the labs at our events and provided an evaluation. The second half of the labs were more simply migrated and cleaned up for consistency.

But wait! There’s more! 🙂

While we were at it, we added an eleventh lab to the mix. Because the labs were developed before the new WCF activities were introduced, we dug into the excellent Visual Studio 2008 training kit done by the DPE folks, we updated and cleaned up the lab that walked a user through using the new WCF Send and Receive activities for WF in .NET 3.5:

  • WF11: Workflow Enabled Services and Other New Features in the .NET Framework 3.5

The product management team will be making three additional hands-on labs available in the near future: unit testing WF workflows (currently available on MSDN Virtual Labs), unit testing WCF services, and advanced context management in WF 3.5 (built by Matt Milner, and unveiled at TechEd 2009 North America). All three labs have scored pretty well at events, and we’re looking forward to sharing them with you for direct download.

We hope that you find these updated labs useful; and, as always, welcome your feedback and comments.

– Cliff

Visual studio crash when trying to add pipeline components to toolbox

Visual studio crash when trying to add pipeline components to toolbox

I ran into a very strange issue today. After installing the ESB Toolkit, I tried to ’Choose Items” in the pipeline components toolbox:

But every time I did that Visual Studio 2008 just closed without warning and the following exception appeared in the Application event log:
“ .NET Runtime version 2.0.50727.3074 – Fatal Execution Engine Error […]

SolZip version 1.1 has been released

Hi all

A friend and colleague of mine has just release SolZip version 1.1 on CodePlex – Find
it here: http://solzip.codeplex.com/.

Basically, it is a nifty way of zipping a Visual Studio 2008 C# solution. The utility
is pointed towards the .sln file and then zips all files in the solution and projects
into one zip file.

To me this is really nice, because as of BizTalk 2009, the project files are just
specialized C# projects and therefore, it seems to work just fine for BizTalk 2009
solutions as well. I can use it when blogging to quickly zip up a solution to attach
to a blog post without having to zip the entire folder and then deleting the large
dll files and other silly stuff. SolZip just takes what is necessary.

I was the very first downloader of the 1.1 version – you should go download it now!


Dublin TAP program open for nominations

Microsoft is pleased to announce that nominations are now being accepted for participation in the “Dublin” Technology Adoption Program (TAP). “Dublin” rounds out the existing application server capabilities in Windows by providing additional features to help organizations manage and run Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) services built using .NET 4.

The TAP is a program designed for customers who have specific business needs to get early access to new technology and to drive their requirements into the current and future versions of the product. In return, TAP participants help Microsoft reach its quality bar across product, documentation and support services and help validate features and use cases in real world environments. Customers receive direct support by Microsoft and are able to deploy pre-release builds into production if needed.

TAP requires significant time and resource commitment, so all nominations are required to have a compelling business need, appropriate resources and executive support to join this program. Additionally, due to the cost of running such a program, there are a limited number of seats available.

Should TAP not be suitable for you, Microsoft will also be offering a public beta later in 2009, which will enable you to evaluate the technology only in development and test environments.

We are accepting nominations now and will continue to accept nominations until August when the program is scheduled to start or until capacity is exceeded. Because “Dublin” needs WCF and/or WF 4 services to manage, we want to accept organizations into the program as soon as possible so that work can commence on the service development side prior to “Dublin” availability for TAP customers in August/September.

To submit a nomination to the “Dublin” TAP please go to :https://connect.microsoft.com/dublintap. (You will need to be logged into a LiveId account to access this site.)

Many interesting tools and utilities for MOSS 2007 in codeplex!

Many interesting tools and utilities for MOSS 2007 in codeplex!

Without a doubt, SharePoint 2007 or MOSS 2007 is the most popular and sought-out skill from Microsoft Gold Partners and Customers across various industry sectors.
Eventhough, Microsoft has been constantly upgrading lot of new features with latest service pack releases, there are still some features & utilities which are desired by sharepoint developers.However, Codeplex contains many […]



Recently, i heard one of my colleagues enquire about MVVM model. MVVM stands for Model-View-ViewModel in WPF framework (also called as Onyx).
Onyx is a framework that aids in the development of WPF applications that follow the Model-View-ViewModel pattern. The biggest reason for following this pattern is to allow you to unit test as much of […]