You gotta love this. Its like buses. You wait for one forever and then two come along at the same time. No sooner had i finished looking through StyleCop, I happened to go over to the Visual Studio Gallery (this is different from the MSDN Code Gallery) and came across the CodeStyleEnforcer. Downloads can be […]

Enhancements to existing Oracle DB Adapter

For the next release of adapter pack, we are adding 2 new adapters — Oracle EBS and SQL. In addition, we are also enhancing support for the existing OracleDB adapter. We are planning to add support for the following:
           –       UDTs
           –       Table Types
           –       Boolean types
We would like to hear from you about any other specific features that you may want in OracleDB adapter. Please do let us know if you’d like to participate in the TAP program.

UltraEdit replace functionality

In dealing with some EDI data, I came across some data that was invalid

In a file we had a large number of COB segments that looked like this:


There are supposed to be 3 elements in the COB, so I hacked away at it for a while and came up with this command

Find COB^*U^**^*01^*1

With COB*U*00000000000*1

(the ^* means don’t use the expression * to mean all characters, actually look for * in the data, except where it says ^**^* where there is a *, but consume all data until you find the next *)

But I was not satisfied; I wanted the value from COB02 in the result.

To consume data into a ’variable’ you use the following syntax

Find COB^*U^*^(*^)^*01^*1

With COB*U*^1*1

the ^(*^) loads whatever is between ^(^) (in this case *) into a variable, and because it is the first one, the output you specify is ^1

So in theory I could have this syntax

Find COB^*U^*^(*^)^*01^*^(*^)

With COB*U*^1*^2

The resulting output would be


TechEd Developer (US) is almost upon us

Next week marks the start of TechEd US in Orlando, which is always a fun conference to be at. I’ll be there, presenting a session on Friday in the SOA track: “Technical Drilldown into Microsoft’s ESB Guidance”. The SOA track is packed with great sessions, this should be a really good TechEd. If you’re going the following week to TechEd IT Pro, Allan Naim of Microsoft will be doing a session on the ESB Guidance.

Hope to see you at TechEd Developer, I’ll be there all week, hanging out, seeing old friends, and also helping out at the MSFT booth.

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