If you are reading this post through an RSS Reader (like Newsgator, Yahoo, RssReader, etc) please update your feed address.

I have moved all my content to my new blog site at:


The new RSS feed is located at:

I will continue to post to both locations but will phase out GeeksWithBlogs at some point.

I have also set up a new Syndicated Blog Site. It syndicates over 75 BizTalk related blogs all in one location. I’ll be publishing the opml file shortly so anyone can easily add all the RSS feeds to your favorite reader.

The syndicated blog is located at


Or via RSS at


It is important to note that all syndicated content is property of the original blog owner.

Oh, it is also possible to search the aggregated blogs. It’ll search over 1000 archived BizTalk related blog posts. Give it a try: https://www.biztalkgurus.com/blogs/