BizTalk Adapter Pack 2010: Calling a View in SQL Azure

BizTalk Adapter Pack 2010: Calling a View in SQL Azure

I have posted a new sample on Code Gallery: BizTalk Server 2010 Adapter Pack: Call SQL Azure View.This is one of samples I have used in my talks on BizTalk Adapter Pack 2010 Integration (A Lap Around BizTalk Adapter Pack 2010) I held in Stockholm for Swedish BizTalk User Group and in Nieuwegein for BizTalk User Group The Netherlands. Hopefully you experiment with it yourself. If you want to work with SQL Azure and want to create a database, see How to Create a SQL Azure Database wiki on TechNet.


General: Can Too Swimming to Cure Cancer-Me!

General: Can Too Swimming to Cure Cancer-Me!

Well folks it’s week 5 of a 12 week program where the great Can Too swim coaches train
you and put you through a challenge.

I signed up for a ’2.5km’ ocean swim – Palm beach to whale beach. Which for me is
well off my map and out of my comfort zone
– so it’s a challenge for me mentally
and physically, but really only a small price to pay for the challenges that cancer

My endeavor is raise money for cancer research – you have the chance to make a tax
deductible donation through my page –

(my target is $1250 in total)

My pledge is that I will swim 4 times a week, rain hail or shine (just so I don’t
drown in this swim) – feel free to come and join me if you’re in the area. Early week
– at Wileys Baths (near Coogee), later in the week Clovelly laps.

So what can I offer you as incentive – as an MVP each year I get a MSDN Subscription
“Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN”
(many thanks Microsoft).
Check out the versions –


To whomever donates the most I will give you this! I’d
also really like to put this subscription to good use.

You maybe starting out, starting up, or whatever – you will have all
MS Products at your development disposal.

I challenge you for cancer research, good luck and Merry Christmas!!!

Important: You can contact me on twitter on – @mickba

Blog Post by: Mick Badran

Host Integration Server 2010 – Data Conversion Pipeline Component – Pipeline Name Dependency

Host Integration Server 2010 comes with a BizTalk data conversion pipeline component. This enables the copybook parsing functionality, without the usage of the HostApps adapters. Great stuff when you need to parse copybook files while using a custom WCF binding for the mainframe connectivity. We discovered a bug during the proof of concept.

SWAG & SWENUG Security in the Cloud & Julfest

SWAG & SWENUG Security in the Cloud & Julfest

Sweden Windows Azure Group (SWAG) and Sweden .NET User Group (SweNUG) will be hosting a “Security in the Cloud” and Christmas event this Thursday. Sergio Molaro and Robert Folkesson will be presenting on different aspects of cloud security, there will be good food, good drinks and prizes in a great location. If you are in Stockholm it’s free to register to attend



Build your Android project in one step with Maven

I will assume the following has been installed and configured.

Android SDK (r07 or later)
Maven 3 (version 3.0.3)

Set environment variable ANDROID_HOME to point to the root directory of the Android SDK.
Add ANDROID_HOME/tools to your PATH environment variable.

An Android project to build

Building an Android project consists of 3 steps. The code is compiled to create an executable […]
Blog Post by: Cris Kim

Recordings from Enfo Integration Days are available

Recordings from Enfo Integration Days are available

Every year my employer hosts a two day event all related to integration or service orientation. Around 450 people attended this year, which I assumes makes it the biggest event of the year in the integration space, with more then 25 sessions on four different tracks. All Microsoft related session were recorded and are now available.

Enjoy, an we hope you join us next year.


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