Here’s a bit of fun out in the world of Enterprise Computing:

Making a long story short, I got parole, community service and some psych treatment due to “diminished capacity.” For community service, I explained that I like to resolve conflicts. The judge said that as long as I take my meds and do community service, I can stay out of jail. Community service was to work to peacefully resolve conflicts.

My parole officer thought I got off easy, and decided to give me the worst conflict he could imagine. My assignment is to resolve conflicts in “enterprise computing.” This includes large and small companies, solution developers, etc.

I cannot even begin to list all of the conflicts: “Why use WS-* versus Web 2.0?” “Is a browser good enough?” “Do I need an ESB?” “On-premise solutions rule and hosted solutions drool.” etc. etc. 

There are a few problems. First, I cannot use a sword. Second, how do I reach these people? There are a lot of them. I tried standing in public places and “preaching.” Apparently, the court thought I had stopped taking my meds. Not good. Finally, someone explained blogs to me.

It is not immediately clear to me that most bloggers are any better than the guy on the subway shouting to someone the rest of us cannot see. I like being out of jail, however, and will give it a try. 


I’m not sure where this is going to lead but I’m subscribing to Zorro’s feed. :^)