The Azure AppFabric Service Bus Brokered Messaging functionality has shipped to production, and is available in Azure data centers across the world. This means that we now have point-to-point queuing and publish-subscribe messaging available in the cloud in the form of Queues, Topics and Subscriptions. Be aware that there are substantial changes in the classes in the Microsoft.ServiceBus.Messaging namespace, which means I will have to re-record webcasts and repost blog posts.
I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking into the functionality of the new messaging capabilities and am very impressed with what I have seen in the CTP. IT’s great to see this make it to production.
If you want to download the SDK, it’shere. For an overview of the capabilities using the CTP bits I have some webcasts here.
If you have an AppFabric account you can log into the Service Bus section of your portal. There is some basic management functionality in the portal that allows you to create and delete queues, topics and subscriptions.
Queues can be created with various options for timeouts, queue size and options for duplicate detection, dead-lettering and sessions.
In the current release queues, topics and subscriptions are immutable, so once created it’s not possible to modify the properties. If you do need to change anything on a queue you will have to either delete and re-create the queue, or create a new queue with a different name.
As for the messaging API changes, after a quick glance I like the changes that have been made between the CTP and release versions, even though I’ve got to re-code all my demos for the release bits. Be aware that some of the sample documentation and code comments have not been updated to reflect the changes (I noticed this in the DeferredMessages sample) , so trust the code not the docs.