Microsoft has announced availability of the June CTP for Windows Azure AppFabric.See is an exciting release and provides greater insight into where the AppFabric team is heading in terms of developer and management tooling.Microsoft is offering space in the cloud to experiment with the CTP, but this is limited, so register early to get a namespace!
You can download the SDK for the June CTP.However, we ran into a lot of trouble trying to do this today.Whenever we followed the link, we ended up on the page for the May CTP. We found what appeared to be a workaround which we were able to repeat on another box (and which I reported on Connect), but then a few minutes later I couldn’t repeat it.Just now, the given link appears to be working every time in IE, but not in Firefox! Frankly, the behaviour seems random! It looks like the same URL points to two different pages, and I suspect that which page you end up on is hit and miss.
The link to the download page is If you end up on the wrong page, try again later and you may get to the right place.Or try googling “Windows Azure AppFabric SDK CTP – June Update” and following a link to this page.For some reason, that sometimes seems to work.
Good luck!