BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and BizTalk RFID documentation is released to MSDN library online with Community Content (Wiki) feature enabled.  

This feature allows anyone registered with MSDN online using a passport account to contribute to the content of the documentation.  A nice example for a community content post can be found at the bottom of this topic inside the Community Content control.  The Community Content control allows you to extend the content of the topic with your own content such as code examples, tips and tricks, links to other relevant content in other blogs, etc.  Anyone registered with MSDN online can contribute. When you click Add Community Content link in the control, it will guide you through the registration process if you have not already registered.

Please note that the Community Content feature is not provided to give documentation feedback or ask questions on the topic. 

              To give feedback on documentation, please use the Click to Rate and Give Feedback link at the top-right corner of a topic in the documentation. 

              To ask questions and for community support, please visit the BizTalk Server and RFID forums.

We look forward to your contributions to the community content and feedback on the documentation. 

Please see the following for more information:

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Marjan Kalantar