Have you ever had a question about the performance of
BizTalk that you couldn’t find an answer to?  That is why we, the
product team responsible for performance and stress testing BizTalk, are
launching this blog!


As we work with customers on BizTalk solutions to meet their
performance requirements, we gain more and more insight into BizTalk behavior
and common customer questions and issues. We want to share with you these
findings on a regular basis.  Come to this blog for answers as we regularly
provide information on selected topics that address the most commonly asked
customer questions and issues.


We Want Your Experiences
and Feedback!


We want to make sure the information we provide is useful and
meets the needs of the community at large, so share with us your performance
and capacity related experiences using BizTalk Server 2004 by providing
feedback via the blog: 


  • Suggest blog topics,
  • Tell us what your top issues and pain points are, and
  • Comment directly on the blog entries so we can improve and