Hi all

I have just released version 5 of my pipeline components library.

It has the following additions:

  • SuspendAfterMap. In BizTalk 2009 (which is the only supported BizTalk version for
    this pipeline component) there has been added support for recoverable interchanges
    for errors occurring during mapping on receive ports after disassembling. This is
    achieved by setting a specific promoted property to “true”. I have created a pipeline
    component that will do this for you.
  • WriteProperties. This pipeline component serves almost NO purpose at all, except I
    used it for debugging to see what properties existed on a message going through BizTalk.
    It will write out all context of a message to the eventlog, one event at a time.

It has the following new features:

  • Promote. The pipeline component used for promoting a value based on an XPath expression
    and thereby enabling you to promote a specific instance of a reoccurring element has
    been enhanced by a “constant”. So instead of having to set the value of some property
    to the result of an XPath expression you can just enter a constant instead. If you
    enter both a constant and an XPath expression the constant wins. This new feature
    is quite handy if you need to set the value of for instance MIME.FileName to a specific
    value or any other property for that matter.

You can find the newest versions at http://eebiztalkpipelinecom.codeplex.com/