…or at least that’s what Clemens Vaster thinks. A little bit radical just to explain that SOA is an Orientation, not an Architecture itself… anyways, I agree with him, and I’ve added him to my blogroll…

It’s true that there’s too much hype with SO and SOA, so I’ll try to explain my point of view of SO in 3 over-simplifyed steps:

I want to benefit of Service Orientation. What should I do?

  1. Design different elements of the architecture to be independant each other (stateless, autonomous)
  2. For each element, separate interface from implementation.
  3. For each interface, use a technology that provides platform-independence and location-independence (SOAP over HTTP is a good example, but it’s not the only one)

…and that’s all, you are Service Oriented!

Well, we can discuss that platform-independance may not be required, but that’s another post…