I’ve been looking into the possibility of updating the highly successful Professional BizTalk Server 2006 book to take into account new features and capabilities in BizTalk Server 2006 R2 and the recently announced BizTalk Server 2009 product.

A fair bit has changed to warrant new chapters and updating of various chapters but of course the main body of content is still accurate and will be brought forward into any new edition. 

The current book is of course still absolutely usable for both BizTalk Server 2006, R2 and even 2009 as the main engine, features and best practices are unchanged.

I’ve listed some of my thoughts around what needs to be covered to expand the reach of the book given the new version but would love to hear of topics and sections that you would like to see added if you’ve already read the current edition.

Please send me a mail with your thoughts via my blog site or add comments to this posting, I’d really appreciate your views on what we should consider.

I haven’t got formal commitment from Wiley yet as I’m still at the Table of Contents stage, here are my outline thoughts as it currently stands.

Technology Primer – Update

%u00b7         Cover WCF basics

%u00b7         Cover the penalty of XmlDocument vs Serializable Classes vs XPath with real-examples of overhead


BizTalk Architecture – Update

%u00b7         Emphasise further how important testing is, don’t expect performance and how critical the performance of supporting systems is.  Detail techniques for isolating and testing performance of supporting systems

%u00b7         Cover any changes with BTS2009

%u00b7         Potentially position BTS2009 vs Oslo at the architectural level


Adapters – Update

%u00b7         Include drill-down on WCF Adapter topics

%u00b7         Overview

%u00b7         Different WCF-* adapters

%u00b7         Walkthrough

%u00b7         Demonstrate how a custom binding can be developed using the WCF Adapter SDK (null adapter?)

%u00b7         Cover the new WCF Adapter bindings (SQL, MQS, etc)


Business Activity Monitoring – Update

%u00b7         Provide implementation of BAM Latency Timer pipeline component

%u00b7         Provide more real-world and common questions/issues guidance


Business Rules Engine – Update

%u00b7         Position BRE vs the WF rules engine and futures


RFID – New Chapter

%u00b7         Drill-down chapter into the RFID features of BizTalk complete with real-world examples


Testing – Update

%u00b7         Provide more real-world “case studies” of how it’s been done right and the benefits..

%u00b7         New BizUnit features (Excel)

%u00b7         Update with any new VS2008 (and maybe future release features)


Performance and Scalability – Update

%u00b7         PAL for analysis of performance logs

%u00b7         Discuss SAN technology improvements

%u00b7         ’n’ step plan for identifying where bottlenecks lie within a BizTalk rig

%u00b7         Expand throttling “plain” English guide, step-by-step diagnosis guide


Low Latency – Update

%u00b7           Cover new options such as NetTcp and NetNamedPipe WCF bindings

%u00b7         Include real-world perf-test results, step by step guide


Administration – Update

%u00b7           Virtualization (HyperV)

%u00b7           Best Practice Analyser

%u00b7           MSBuild

%u00b7           SQL2008 differences


BizTalk Best Practices – Update

%u00b7         Add further best practices, small and large – with evidence as to why


Cloud Services (BizTalk Services, SSDS, etc.) – New Chapter

%u00b7         Overview

%u00b7         Connectivity

%u00b7         Identity

%u00b7         Cloud Workflow

%u00b7         SSDS

%u00b7         Cloud Commerce scenario code and walkthrough

First look at Oslo futures – New Chapter

%u00b7         More soon 😉