For those of you who got used to the Covast bells and whistles that come with the Covast EDI adapter, and then come to another EDI tool interfacing with BizTalk, namely the HIPAA accelerator, made for Microsoft by ?????, there are quite a few nice things missing. One of those things being the ability to clear the report so you are not flooded with ’stuff’

Another BIG issue is that while testing, it would be REALLY nice to be able to send the file through a few times to make sure that the file works correctly. There is NO way to disable the duplicate interchange control checking.

Here is the sql code (run against the BizTalkHIPAA_EDIdb database) to clear out the report, and also allows you to run the same file through the HIPAA accellerator again:

delete from audin
delete from audout

Bye the way, you will want to go into the %documentshome% directory and delete/archive the files that are there, as the temporary files will prevent the adapter from writing new ones.

Another option is to use the custom HIPAA DASM that does not check for duplicate control numbers, namely because it does not check the audin and audout tables.