Two weeks ago we held our MIX conference in Las Vegas.  MIX is my favorite conference of the year – since it nicely integrates development and design topics together in a single event, and is usually accompanied by some pretty cool product announcements.

I gave a first day MIX keynote again this year, and in it I talked about and announced a bunch of new Microsoft web development products.  These included:

My keynote also included a ton of demos and highlighted a bunch of great customers including: StackOverflow, NetFlix, NBC, Bondi Publishing, and KEXP.

Click here to watch the day one MIX keynote online.  Bill Buxton led off the keynote with a great talk about user experience for 20 minutes – I then talked for an hour and 50 minutes after him.

You can also watch all the breakout sessions from MIX online for free here (Greg Duncan has an easy to navigate list of them here as well).

I’ll be doing more in-depth blog posts in the days ahead on many of the technologies we introduced/announced and all the cool things you can do with them. 

Hope this helps,