For those that are aware of the BizTalk Hotrod magazine will know how informative and jam-packed this resource is.  Those of you who are new to the Hotrod will marvel at the amount of content available in this freely available download.

Here’s some more detail on the contents of this issue, from Todd van Nuurden, the self-proclaimed “Pirate Technology Specialist”, as posted at

Hi BizTalk Fans,

Its finally Spring here at BizTalk Hotrod HQ and Issue 4 has finally been put to bed! In this issue you’ll see that we’re continuing our expansion into WF (Windows Work Flow) and WCF (Windows Communications Foundation). Why, you ask, would we do this? Well BizTalk is the future! And we want to bring our .NET friends into the BizTalk fold and as you’ll see BizTalk continues to expands its process server capabilities across  the Microsoft platform. We’ve also expanded our coverage to include folks new to BizTalk Server so check out Sal’s “In the Beginning” article

As always we’re looking for new ideas and new authors so if you’re interested please contact us.

Oh we’re also considering a BizTalk Hotrod Resource issue that would include articles by BizTalk software partners as well as links to all the coolest BizTalk Content on the web.  So if you have content that we should link to or publish let us know.

Issue 4 of the Hotrod is now available at  Go and get it!