Everybody these days seems to be pretty excited about the new PDF version of BizTalk 2006 documentation (Btw, a latest .CHM version is out as well, but there is no hoopla around that).

So thought I’ll  download the PDF version and check it out as I have been using only the .CHM version extensively. But I was not very impressed with what I saw.

To start with, the PDF version is really huge file 114 MB (whereas the .CHM version is only 44MB), there is no way my PDA mobile device will load that kind of thing even with external memory card.

The links in the PDF version are not active (not clickable), so you cannot navigate through the document

Searching through the pdf document is very slow and the interface not as user friendly as the .CHM version.

The CHM version on the other hand (IMHO) is more convenient, and the search is blazing fast, you can do incremental search as well using the index tab.
You can even maintain a list of favorite pages just like keeping shortcuts, and the best part is, when I overwrote the old .CHM file with the latest version, all the old favorite pages (shortcuts) appeared intact.

I am not sure why we have a PDF version in the first place, I am sure missing out on something, someone kindly enlighten me please.

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