Sensational Sonu has a great
on her blog about how we develop custom WCF Adapters for use with BizTalk

She mentions:

1. BizTalk will always call the Adapter custom channel via a ‘Request/Response’ mechanism
– this means for:

  • Custom WCF Send Adapters – BTS will *always* call IRequestChannel (two-way) (WCF
    also supports IOutputChannel – oneway)
  • Custom WCF Receive Adapters – BTS will *always* call IReplyChannel(two way) (WCF
    also supports IInputChannel – oneway)

So in short – BTS will always call a ‘two-way’ method of a custom WCF Adapter.

In terms of ‘Fire and Forget’ one way WCF Services, we still need to call the Two-Way
interface and just pass back a null response message.

Or you could use your own custom component 🙂 – said like a true developer!