Requests have come in to allow the ability to email directly from the logging mechanism. I have added the new properties to the pipeline component.

You can send this out to multiple individuals with a semicolon (;) separating the addresses in the ToAddress field.

The NotificationFlag is set to true to activate the email mechanism. If the NotifyOnlyOnError is set to true, if the message is in error it will generate an email, if it is set to false, it will generate an email for every transaction.

To give the ability to customize the subject line in the new email component of the EDI logger, you can use following macros:

%Received Filename%
%Adapter Receive Complete Time%
%Port Name%
%Inbound Transport Location%
%Message Type%
%ISA Segment%
%GS Segment%
%Party Name%
%Transmission Id%
%Control Number%
%Error Flag%
%Count 1%
%Count 2%
%Count 3%

Which will create an email that looks like this: