We’re moving into a public beta of Dublin “Windows Server AppFabric”
which you can grab from HERE.

What does it mean – here’s a blurb from the site.

So Velocity (distributed caching mechanism) is rolled up into this Beta (previously
a MS Partner did some benchmarking on Velocity which you can find a great white paper HERE)

Previously myself and Scotty wrote a
hefty technical Dublin Course which the folks at TechEd loved – we did this on some
early bits of ‘Dublin’. Realtime monitoring + tracking as well as recoverability were
some highlights of our 3D Realtime maze process we built up in the labs.

Here’s a blurb from the AppFabric server (it’s a shame that SP2010 didn’t use this
framework for it’s WF hosting…but that would have impacted delivery)


——– Snippet ———-

Windows Server AppFabric has these core capabilities:

  • For Web applications, AppFabric provides caching capabilities to
    provide high-speed access, scale, and high availability to application data. This
    feature was previously codenamed “Velocity”
  • For composite applications, AppFabric makes it easier to build and manage
    built using Windows
    Workflow Foundation
    and Windows
    Communication Foundation
    . This feature was previously codenamed “Dublin.”