In case you missed the Application Infrastructure Virtual launch today (you can go watch it on demand), Microsoft has made available:

  • BizTalk Server 2010 beta, get it here (note that the ESB Toolkit 2.1 beta is on that page also)
  • The Windows Server AppFabric release candidate, get it here

You can read the official announcement on the BizTalk team blog, and also here at the Endpoint blog.

Make sure you check out the new mapper functionality in the BizTalk, it ROCKS! What seems like a simple problem quick deteriorates into some very complex UI issues, and the team has really done a great job in providing a UI that nicely addresses those challenges, and more.

One of the coolest features of the mapper is the new “indicate match” capability. In the screen shot below, I right-clicked the “PO403” node, the mapper thought “PONumber” was the best match, but that the other “PONumber”  and “PODate” were also possible matches. Very very nice!!



Happy downloading!!