You probably already read Scott’s document on what is new in Business Activity Monitoring 2006.Today, I’ll shed some light on the brand new “out of the box” portal. All information are based on the CTP build you might have picked up at TechEd 2005. Keep in mind that the BAM Portal may (and probably will) change before its final version is released.

There are three main zones:

  1. the header. This is the location users can customize for branding purposes,

  2. the navigation bar (on the left on a light blue background) which displays all views and activities. This is the entry point to most features of the portal,

  3. the content where users will interact with data. The main page displays a quick summary of importan BAM concepts.

The header:

The header displays branding information (which can be customized for your company),  the contextual help link and the current location. On the screenshot below, I am on the Home page. You can always come back to the home page by clicking on the “Home” icon at the left of the header.

The navigation bar:

The navigation bar displays all views / activities which can be accessed by the current user. On the picture below, I have access to one view (SalesManagerView) under which there is currently one activity (“PurchaseOrder”).


I can search for instances of activity “PurchaseOrder” by clicking on “PurchaseOrder” under “Activity Search”. I can view aggregated data by clicking on one of the entries under “Aggregations”. Finally, I can manage alerts by clicking on “PurchaseOrder” under the “Alert Manager” node. The navigation bar is the main entry point to most BAM Portal features. It will always be displayed on the left of the window.

Join me tomorow as I explore the Activity Search, Aggregations and the Alert Manager.