I’ve got a RFID project in the pipeline and I’m doing a ‘little playing’ at this point
seeing how far I can go through the APIs given this certain Reader and BizTalk
RFID Client APIs
. (I’m home and hosed on the BizTalk RFID APIs, but the questions
are more around the particular Provider AND what the device can/can’t do)

So I decided to venture a little further………..

Fired up a VPC and seeing this Reader is a USB connected device, (and as we know that
VPC/Virtual Server/Hyper-V 2008 does not share USB ports!!! After a little pain I
found a 3rd party software piece that did the job!) had to share it from another physical
host where the Reader is plugged into.

After a little playing with Provider/Device Settings within BizTalk RFID Manager –
away we go.

I decided to cut some code and do a GetDeviceCapabilities(…) sort
of call.

Check this out!!!!!

Line 25 – was my call on the Open Connection.

** I decided to run the code in debug mode and entered the same command in the Intermediate

This was the part that took the cake….it’s got a whole collection of ENGLISH
TEXT as to what the device does!

If you’re like me…so many of these things fall down to byte structures with certain
bits here and there indicating different capabilities.

HOW GOOD IS THIS!!!! Well done to the RFID Team…..it’s great to have APIs that make
sense…. 🙂 (mostly smile_eyeroll)