I’ll be presenting at Microsoft Swedens “Sommarkollo”. I’ll be talking about BizTalk. Introducing it, showing of enhancements in 2010 and going through some (what I hope are) inspirational scenarios. The target audience are developers or architects. Even though I will spend some time in the beginning at an introductory level I believe there are things that will entertain even more seasoned developers. Level is 200-300.

More info about this and other presentations can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/sverige/sommarkollo/default.html

Also, signups for my presentations can be reached through the below links:

Date: 30/6 kl. 13-16
Location: G%u00f6teborg
Sign-up: Here

Datum: 1/7 kl. 9-12
Location: Malm%u00f6.
Sign-up: Here

Datum: 7/7 kl. 9-12
Location: Stockholm
Sign-up: Here

Datum: 24/8 kl. 9-12
Location: Stockholm
Sign-up: Here

Enjoy the summer! I know I will 🙂

PS. Just to make readers (especially those from other countries with less generous terms) jealous I’ll be on vacation/parental leave (and have been for two weeks) until the very last days of august.