I'm pleased to inform you that BizTalk Health Monitor (BHM) v2 is now available for download on the  Microsoft Download Link Center : http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=43716

The BHM team improved drastically this MMC snap-in to make it more reliable and very customizable.
In this new version you will be able so to customize completly the dasboard view by creating your own tiles to display custom warnings, specific summary reports entries, or even queries output.
You will be also able to add quickly custom queries and rules. These features were expected by lot of BHM users to provide more flexibility in this health check console and to use it as a centralized health application. 

In BHM v2, you can so complete easily the query repository of BHM adding  your custom queries executing WMI, .VBS, PowerShell, .CMD or .BAT scripts.
These queries will be stored per group node (renamed "profile" node in BHM v2).

You can also create your own rules in addition to the native BHM rules, using a declarative method to define your own conditions and triggered actions.
These custom rules can target existing native BHM queries but also your own custom queries of course.
These custom rules will also be stored per profile node.

The BHM team will continue to update periodically this MMC Snapin, adding new features of course but also completing its repository of queries and rules to be sure its output remains always pertinent in term of health check and meet the BizTalk administrators expectations.

We will create a post in BHM blog containing a Q&A and listing some known issues met with BHM and you wil be able to report your comments and questions.

You can visit the BHM blog for all details about this new version and its new features  : http://blogs.msdn.com/b/biztalkhealthmonitor/archive/2014/11/24/biztalk-health-monitor-v2-released.aspx



Blog Post by: JPAUC