In a previous post, I described the home page of the new BAM Portal. Today, let’s take a look at the Instance Search feature. The instance search allows you to search BAM data for a particular activity instance:

You can add / remove clauses using the “Add” / “Remove” buttons. You can also build a query and save it locally as an XML file for future use. Opening a query is done by clicking the “Open” button. Let take the Search for a test drive, shall we?

After selecting the business data you would like to see in the column chooser, I am looking for all purchase orders with an amount of $500. There is only one purchase order matching in my system. I can see the details of this activity by clickin on the row of interest:

Users can see all business data associated with this activity instance. Milestones appear sorted from the oldest one to the newest one. Any related document or related activity would appear in their respective sections.

Finally, the “Technical Assistance” can be used to open a technical assistance ticket. The subject / description entered below will be posted to the event log of the server, along with references to engine artifacts (messages / orchestrations) related to this activity.

Tomorow, I’ll show how one can view aggregated data and create alerts when specific condition happen.