Saravana Kumar has just re-launched BizTalk (see with lots of new content and a new layout, look and feel. Look very quickly and you might just spot that awful photo of me on the home page! The one with the bright purple tie and a dark blue shirt. What was I thinking? Oh well, no-one said that being a BizTalk user equated to being cool. And I desperately needed a haircut.
Anyway, congratulations to Saravana. This is a really useful single stop shop for BizTalk resources.Lots of videos (including a couple with me waving my hands around like a manic thing) and links to various widgets, featured books and guides and tons of other stuff. Saravana has also worked hard to ensure that URLs to various resources on the site are short and to the point so that you easily find what you are looking for. Mind you, being a point & click man, myself, I think the site is very easy to navigate anyway.