I’m getting around to it!

A while back I did a MSDN Webcast on this topic, and I also presented upon this at
the Australian Teched 2006.

During my sessions I used a whole bunch of demo code etc.

It is my mission to make this available to you (took me around 15 months to design
+ implement this for a client). I want to make available a demo version for you folks
to enable to you get in a get your hands dirty.

The two worlds live together quite nicely! BTS 2006 and WinWF.

You dont have to decide whether I’ll write lines of code with WinWF or for those ‘enterprise’
solutions…time to use BizTalk. Not a chance.

I’ll show you how to drive Workflow Solutions from within a BizTalk framework enabling
things like BAM, HAT etc etc for the whole story.

Stay tuned and watch this space!…..within the week! I promise!