(Update: See the latest on the Deployment Framework here.)

In the latest release of the Deployment Framework for BizTalk “extra
tools”, you will find a script that will automate the creation of “external
tools” in Visual Studio that are useful for working with BizTalk 2004 and the
Deployment Framework.  Modify the script to include all the tools that your team
relies on, too.

The idea that this should be automated came from Ben
(though I’ve heard the complaint before!)  Manually creating all
the useful external tools was somewhat painful for a large team of BizTalk developers.

After you run the script, your Tools menu in Visual Studio should include entries
for deploying and un-deploying the current solution, as well as for updating just
the orchestrations, .NET components, and SSO configuration data (one menu entry.)
 In addition, there will be entries for running NAnt on a highlighted target
name (useful if you have your build script open), and for running HAT and the Subscription
Viewer.  Enjoy…