Last week we released a Billing Preview that provided a usage summary to help customers prepare for when billing begins in April. Usage statistics in this billing preview are consistent with our new Connection-based billing for the AppFabric Services Bus that we announced in January.  A key feature of this model allows customers to purchase Connections individually on a pay-as-you-go basis, or in Connection Packs if they anticipate needing larger quantities.

To provide greater insight into the Billing Preview and the options available to customers, a member of our team created an Excel-based calculator that converts usage numbers into costs.  The calculator also allows customers to see how much their usage would have cost with each of the different reserved pack options.

While we hope customers find this tool quite useful, please do note that it is being provided only as a courtesy and is not guaranteed against possible bugs. The calculator also does not guarantee the amount of future bills.

You will find the calculator in an attachment to this post.


The Windows Azure platform AppFabric Team