1.1. Identify the application requirements. Exam Aid

A BizTalk “Application” is a general term that can refer to many different designed implementations.  BizTalk Server 2006 can implement Messaging Solutions, Orchestration or “Process” solutions, Workflow “Process” Solutions and a plethera of many others.

Specifically, when referring to Messaging Solutions, the BizTalk Orchestration engine is not used. BizTalk relies solely on the internal Messaging engine, the BizTalk SQL databases.

Given a specific scenario, let’s see if we can identify applicaiton requirements and extract out all of the posibilities that merit a good BizTalk Design.

Let’s say you are designing a BizTalk messaging solution for your company. Within this solution, documents need to be routed using some specific unique identifier within the document itself. Let’s also throw in the mix that the document spawns another related document whose structure is considerably different and it includes a header section populated with values from a Database table. And as a final requirement, the output document is encrypted for transmission to a selected partner. You’re the software architect, and you need to design a solution by using minimum coding effort. What solution design would you recommend?

Answer to come…