These are the slides and demos from my Tech Ed Session from Tech Ed 2007 in Orlando.   

The demos show Dynamic Mapping, Self-Correlation Ports, Untyped Messages, and WCF Calls in Messaging.  The WCF demos will require BizTalk Server R2.  These demos are “as is” and may need some configuration changes to work on your system.

PowerPoint 2007 is required to view the slides.

Session Abstract:

“Business processes are a required component in most Enterprise Integration solutions today. Business processes are modeled, designed, and built inside BizTalk Server 2006 R2 using Orchestrations. Orchestration can range from a few simple shapes to a complex multi Orchestration, Transactional process. This session focuses on highlighting key Orchestration features to shorten development time and increase overall Business Process reusability. Also, messaging-only scenarios using WCF are discussed, and the power of BizTalk as a Web service routing system is shown. Topics covers are: Untyped Messages, Dynamic Transforms, Starting Orchestration and Passing Port Parameters, using Helper .NET Components, and Message Only WCF Calls.