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      I have a folder that contains 100 messages(pictures) that I only want to pass Biztalk through a send port(passthru). How or can i collect all files and zip them into one file and deliver it to it’s destination? I assume that it must be done in a custom pipeline?
      Has anyone done something similair?

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      I think an Orchestration is the only way to do this. A pipeline would create 100 instances and you can’t really group inside them.

      Depending on the size, you could end up running out of memory inside BizTalk.

      Maybe a custom adapter could work.

      This doesn’t really sound like something that BizTalk would really excel at. I think you could use a .net component to do this with minimal effort. That would be called through an Orchestration if needed.

      Just my thoughts.

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        I think the custom adapter would be the best place to do this.
        If you wanta head start you could try this adapter:

        You will need to write a scheduled task to perform the zip function

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          I agree with Stephen, using BizTalk for this would not be a good idea. You could use BizTalk to inform the endpoints of the need to do a file transfer, or collect a list of file names to be zipped, or whatever, but if you send this through BizTalk you’re storing all those pictures in the MessageBox, however temporarily, which is a big waste of bandwidth.

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