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      So you have an existing XSLT, and you want something to convert it to the nice graphics \”functoids\”? I think not. Most of the funtoids are supported by C# code So if you build a regular map in Biztalk, you can do right-click \”test map\” and then see the filename of the XSLT it generates. If you are used to regular XSLT it’s kind of strange to see all the C# code and follow it.

      However you can create a Biztalk map, and use an external XSLT.
      Just click on the mapping grid, then go to the properties window and set the \”Custom XSLT Path\”.

      When doing complex maps, I often do them in external XSLT.
      The pretty little functoids are great for easy maps, but not so great on complex maps.

      I also use Stylus Studio, an xml tool with built-in XSLT debugger.
      It can create sort of a GUI map of an XSLT, but often it’s too ugly to read (again depends on how complex the XSLT is).

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      [quote:277426e86d]btw: do you know if it’s possible to mix external xslt map sheets with graphical map sheets?[/quote:277426e86d]

      Thou shalt not mix!

      However, you can use the XSLT scripting functoid. If the map is \”graphical’ to start with, and you want to add a little XSLT, code the XSLT in the Scripting Functoid. At least at our site, I find these maps are harder to maintain than all XSLT.

      I like testing the XSLT in a debugger such as Stylus Studio (I think Visual Studio 2005 has an XSLT debugger also).

      The thing I hate about XSLT in the scripting functoids is the tiny little windows and lack of good editor functionality.

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        Anybody know if it is possible to transform custom XSLT to graphical mapping in BT2006


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          I’ve managed to use the external xslt and it works, but I had to rewrite vbscript functions to Jscript functions. BT 2006 doesn’t seam to support vbscript, strange for a microsoft program … 🙄

          btw: do you know if it’s possible to mix external xslt map sheets with graphical map sheets?

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