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      Hello and thanks for your assistance.

      I need to map a xsd file to a flatfile, and i’m kinda confused.

      The output that I need is just a simple pipe \”|\” delimited file, similar to this scaled down sample:


      I have attempted to create a schema using the ‘Flat File Schema Wizard’, but my output is still in XML!

      Is thier some setting that i am missing?
      Does anyone know of any links, documentation or sample that can possibly help me out?

      Thanks Kindly;

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      Hi all,

      I’m new in BizTalk 2006. I have the same problem. I need to convert simple XML file to delimeted Flat File. I will be very gratefull for any example or explanation how to do that.

      Best regards,

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        You’ll want to make sure you use a \”Flat File Assembler\” component in an send pipeline so that your XML content can be converted into a flat file.

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          Hey Man,

          It was much easier then i expected.

          Inside vs.net, created a biztalk project, added new item, under the window that comes up, select – Pipeline Files, and then Send Pipeline

          This will add a new file of type .btp to your project,
          inside this file under the ‘Assemble’ Stage, I added a ‘Flat file assembler’ from the toolbox.

          ** Added a reference to my schema file.

          In the Properites of the added ‘Flat file assembler’ – under Document schema, i selected the appropriate schema.

          Changed the Target charset to be ASCII (20127),

          built and deployed the application to my Biztalk application.
          Inside BizTalk Application Console, under my Biztalk Application -> Send Port -> Send Pipelines -> I selected my newly created Pipeline.

          Everything works and my outfile is now delimied as expected.


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             I have done what you wrote….but my output is not separated in e.g. with “,”  I have only all data in one string!

            What do i wrong?


            Thank you 

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