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      In order to fullfil requirement relating to Sequential Message processing I need some information on how to implement either of the above-mentioned techniques in BTS2006.

      For e.g. If messages are received in a disorder format (M-1, M-3, M-2). So BizTalk should send the message in the correct format (M1-,M2-,M-3) in order to keep the sequence of messages.

      What I’m suspecting is that WS Reliable Messaging might be the right solution to handle such situations. However I need some feedback to base my research.

      Hoping to have a reply.

      With Regards.

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      Any protocol level ordering of messages (MSMQ, WS-RM, MQ-Series) will guarantee that messages will arrive in the same order that they are sent. The order is maintained internally to the protocol using protocol headers.
      They will not reorder messages based on some internal message semantic.
      Likewise Biztalk will order messages using a FIFO mechanism.

      If the receiving protocol supports ordered delivery and the sending protocol supports ordered delivery, then you can send messages in order from point A to point B via Biztalk.
      If either the sending or receiving protocols does not support ordered delivery then you will need to implement another mechanism to guarantee order.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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