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      I think you could use a customer pipeline component for something like that. But I have no clue how to do it. I have not heard of anyone doing that.

      If you can find out how to convert a word doc into Xml using C#, then you should be able to use that same code inside a pipeline. Also, make sure you download the Pipeline Component Wizard on GotDotNet.com. It will save you tons of time.

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      Pipeline components don’t need to be in the GAC. They just need to be in the BizTalk 2004 \\ Pipeline Component folder. Code you call from the pipeline component might need to be though.

      Can you see the pipeline in the Tool Box?

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        I have several Word Documents that I need to convert into XML and transfer it to a indexing document service that I have on another service. I was thinking that I could use BizTalk for this. Anybody have any examples that I could use to start this. I am brand spanking new at all this stuff, but have been a C# developer for about 3 years now.

        I was taking examples from the bizTalk server book that I received but I’m falling down on how to take the inmsg converting it to recognize it as a word doc and loading it into the outmsg in the IComponent module.

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          Thanks…I got it from another source…Now the only problem I have is how to make it accessable via the BizTalk Pipeline Components. For some reason when I made the key and promoted to the GAC, it tells me \”Invalid Pipeline Assembly\” (or something like that).

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