Why do we need key file used in Tutorials ?

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      To use dll that BizTalk creates, like Schemas, Maps, Orchestrations, etc. you need to put the dll’s into the GAC.

      In order for something to be in the GAC, it needs a strong name key. You should see an error is you try to deploy BizTalk Assemblies without a Strong Name Key.

      This is a .net requirement to allow for side by side versioning and the like.

      You can do some pure messaging and test code through Visual Studios without a key.

      Hope this helps.

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      Just to add to the above post:

      You can create your own key file by running the \”sn\” .NET utility with the -k option.

      sn -k ABCCompany.key

      Most sites use one key file per application, or perhaps even one key file for the whole company.

      In other words, if they gave you a keyfile in the tutorials, or you generated a keyfile in the tutorial, you don’t have to use that file in your applications, but you would probably generate your own key file for your company – or ask around and see if they already have a key file they want you to use.

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        Why do we need key file used in Tutorials, and do we have to use them in other solutions?

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