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      I’m looking at the \”Delivery Notification\” sample from
      this page:

      The doc says:
      [quote:e0eff02d8a]The sample orchestration has a scope in which messages are sent through a logical send port whose Delivery Notification property is set to Transmitted. If message delivery through this send port fails, the orchestration raises a DeliveryFailureException, and the exception handler of the scope catches the exception. [/quote:e0eff02d8a]

      I’m having trouble finding where they set this \”Delivery Notification\” property. I’ve looked on the port configuration in the orchestration, in the assignment shape, and in the physical port.


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      I found it. It’s not in the \”port config\” wizard. You have to click on the port in \”orch viewer\” then you see the property \”Delivery Notification\”.

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