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      Any one know this thing. When I drop Files in the /IN Folder and when the final inserts into SQL comes.. It doesnot inserts and rather tell me the Error for Messages.. DeHydrated. in the Search Query for Messages in Server Administration.

      Thanks in Advance

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      The thing was that it was not getting loaded to the SQL tables because I figured out later that the Stored Procecdure had the database name prefixed which was not correct.
      It ran fine after I modified the Store Procedure.

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        Dehydrated means the service instance is waiting on some event and has been removed from memory – state is maintained within the database.

        This service instance will be rehydrated when an event, it is waiting on, occurs.

        This is a mechanism to free resources on the server. Some service instances can last hours, days or even months. Rather than maintain all service instances within memory, they are dehydrated after a period of no activity.

        If your service instance has been dehydrated, you need to determine what it is waiting on.
        Have you checked the event log for error messages

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