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      there are no orchestrations with publice recieve ports in this biztalk assembly. click back and specify a biztalk assembly containing orchestrations with publice recieve ports.

      any help?????????

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      I am trying to use web services publishing . I am trying to publish a recieve port using web services.

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        the type modifier is public

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          You might want to try to rebuild and redeploy the Orchestration project.

          Make sure you close all windows and try again.

          Maybe it’s a caching problem…

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            What were you doing when you got this error?
            A) Deploy
            B) Bind
            C) Start Orchestration
            D) Build
            E) Other

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              Okay, that helps. Although I don’t publish my orchestrations as webservices, I think this is the issue… Try going to your Orchestration Viewer, go to Port Types, and change the \”Type Modifier\” from \”Internal\” to \”Public\”. These are basically the C# class modifiers.

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                I don’t have any other ideas, maybe someone else can help?
                You never said for sure when you get the error – is it when you compile?

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