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      You might want to check and make sure the passwords did not change on the user accounts, make sure SSO is running, and the you are allowed to receive DTC transactions (see my post here:

      Just a few things I can think of off hand. Was it working in the past?

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      I think that reg setting might be needed as well.

      Something seems to be blocking it. You might want to also make sure you go to have any firewalls that might be blocking it.

      Other then changing the DTC setting on each computer, I do not know anything else to try.

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        I get \”A Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator problem prevented connection to the Configuration database\” when I attempt to deploy from Visual Studio.Net.

        My development computer is a Window XP Professional the database server is a Windows 2000 Server, both on the same domain.

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          I have the following systems:
          1. Biztalk 2004 Server installed on a Windows 2003 Server
          2. BizTalk 2004 and Visual Stusdo.Net installed on a Windows XP (development)
          3. SQL Server installed on a Windows 2000 Server

          I went through your steps and the accounts and MTC is good.

          I also saw a post about setting the registry: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Policies\\Microsoft\\Windows NT\\RPC]
          \”EnableAuthEpResolution\”=dword:00000001. What so you know about that?

          The error happens when I try to deploy from system 2 to system 3.

          I haven’t done aything with SSO. On what systems and how do I configure that?


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