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      Is there anyway to keep track of the actually XML docs that flow through Biztalk? When I have a suspended orchestration or an orchestration that errors I would like to be able to view the actual messages that are being sent through Biztalk. When I fire up the HAT i can see the message flow and the error messages but I can’t actually see the messages being passed. I thought I remember reading that you could enable this but I can’t figure out how to actually accomplish this. I’ve enabled message tracking on my send ports but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

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      You can enable inbound and outbound message tracking. Then, you right click on the Orchestration instance and select “Save Al Tracked Messages” to get the message written o disk. You can enable this by going to Configuration — > Orchestration inside HAT.

      Downside is I think it resets every time you redeploy your Orchestration.

      You can also set a break point inside the Orchestration. Then, you can Attach to the Orchestration and see variables and messages at that point. That is probably the best but I have had mixed results with it.

      What I usually do is add some send ports or debug statements to write my messages out.

      Hope this helps.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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