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      Hi there,

      I’m having a problem with the Value Mapping (Flattening) functoid. I have a document like this:

      <items ID=\”1234\” IDSrc=\”A\” />
      <items ID=\”9876\” IDSrc=\”B\” />
      <items ID=\”4567\” IDSrc=\”C\” />
      <user ID=\”userone\” source=\”1\” />
      <user ID=\”usertwo\” source=\”2\” />
      <user ID=\”userthree\” source=\”3\” />

      I would like to map this to a document like this:

      <itemAID ID=\”1234\” />
      <itemCID ID=\”4567\” />
      <userSrc3 ID=\”3\” />

      I’ve been using the Value Mapping (Flattening) functoid to successfully map the item IDs but when I add a mapping for the user ID it doesn’t bring back the user ID. If I take out the item IDs the user ID comes back successfully! I’ve done a ‘Validate Map’ when I have all the mappings and the xsl that it produces seems to be incorrect – The \”for each\” statement for the usersrc3 points to the items IDs!

      Any ideas anyone?! Or another way of doing this?


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      I created a map using your two xml samples.
      The map contained 3 Equal functoids and 3 Value Mapping(Flattening) functoids and seem to work ok.

      Can you email me you two actual schemas, your map and a sample input file so I can take a closer look.

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