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      I need to assign a value of an element from an incoming transaction to a variable in an orchestration. Can someone give me an example in realistic terms of an expression that would be utilized in the BizTalk expression editor to accomplish this.

      Thank you in advance for your support.


      example: MyVariable=incoming.message.fieldname ??

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      It makes it easier if you promote or distinguish the field.

      1 – Promoted:
      myVar = msgAbc(
      You will get intelliesense, will be your namespace.

      2. Distinguished
      myVar = msgAbc.CustomerId

      3. If you don’t have promoted or distinguished field, use the Xpath function:

      myVar = xpath(msgAbc,\”string(//Customerid)\”)

      Note: the xpath can be complex. You can copy it from your schema (click the element, then go to the properties window). You might have something like this: //*[local-name=’Customer’]/[local-name=’CustomerId’}

Viewing 1 reply thread
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