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      I have a BT orchestration which calls another orchestration. Now the problem is the soap ports used in both these orchestrations are dynamic. I am using BRC to set URL paths to these ports. Is there a way I can set this for all the ports in different orchetsrations from a common place itself at the same time? Or do I have to use call rules shape in each orchestration to fetch the URL path from BRE.

      My first orchestration rcalls the second orch ina loop, therefore I dont want to execute call rules in every loop. I just one to assign the port URL once.

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      Probably the best thing to do is create a .net class or helper BizTalk message that has all your value as nodes that can be set.

      Something like:

      Then, you can set them all at once in a single BRE call. You would then just have to pass this helper message into all the other started or called Orchestrations.

      You could also use a simple .net class. That might be easier in your case. Just add Get and Sets on public properties. See this sample:

      Hope this helps.

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