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      This obviously is my first post here and I am a true novice trying to get through the MS tutorials. I cannot figure out how and where the NT AUTHORITY\\NETWORK SERVICE account is getting used for web services.
      I have created new AppPools and used my credentials as the identity, changed the DTC account but do not know where else to look.
      I did find a message on the problem for BTS2004, that referred to the AppPool account but that did not help here.

      Any help would be appreciated.

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      As it turns out the each web service can override the AppPool of the website to which it is assigned. The learning curve here seems to be broader than first imagined. Now if I could get the webservice to look for the same public key that I am publishing, things would probably work.
      Thanks for your comment, it helped.

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        Did you change the Application Pool used by the web service? If you check inside the Virtual Directory, you should see and be able to change the Application Pool the WS is running under. Maybe that is still set to the default. Just a guess.

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